Welcome to the SaniWedge

What you will see here when you read further are the original drawings for the Saniwedge and some ideas for it’s development. We lovingly call it our “personal hygiene oasis”.

The Saniwedge was originally designed in response to watching firefighters in California fighting fires and going weeks without a shower or a place to relax for a few minutes. As we’ve proceeded, ideas for it’s uses and how to make it have grown.

Since I imagined this project a number of years ago, Solar technology has taken off in a big way and while it’s not included in the initial proposal, I believe that the Saniwedge could and should have the solar option to heat the water and for the combustible toilet.

This plan was also developed before our historic drought in California. Solar powered Saniwedge units with combustible toilets could be used by homeowners and people living in the driest parts of California and other states around the country. Water trucks could deliver water to the units for showers and bottled water could replace tap water for drinking, removing a tremendous drain on local water supplies. This is a real way to deal with drought.

Also, the presentation will show how a number of units can be set up to form a Saniwedge Pod, which would allow more people to take baths and showers simultaneously. This application was designed specifically for refugees, homeless people, and victims of natural catastrophes.

Please feel free to contact me.

Michael Foley

(650) 452-8067